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Friday, February 12, 2010

one: february 27

 "...now i am going to scold you, hoping that it coincides with something in your head, though i fear not.  i don't think the restaurant can go on in its present way... maybe i am just spooked with ghosts and very fatigued..
....it really is time to do the next thing with yourself and the restaurant-they are probably the same thing.  i feel apologetic for not having a brilliant idea. my need and only idea is to go on and do something else.
 i feel cannibalistic, dark, jeremaiad, and a son of semites. hawk noses, smooth leather saddle bags. i smell horses in the desert when cooking, with the obvious results: mint is in everything...melons with old sauternes and black pepper.  anchovies and figs with raspberries, with a tired old margaux...fuck all this orange peel julienne and pubic hairs of leeks.  give me some of tempier's lunches.  give me caviar and buckwheat and a lover of vodka-like appetite...toast in bed in the morning with smoky tea and a hint of opium.  bitter salads for lunch.  gin with violets at six.  guinea fowl over the coals with pommes sarladaises, rose ice, a whipping for dessert...

 coquilles with possum butter,
 love and kisses,

12 seats. 75 dollars per person including libations. 7:30 sharp. cash only. all substitutions politely declined. the first dinner will be based on the writing above.

the menu

one: buckwheat blini. foie gras. sauternes jelly. fried beet
two: 'marco pierre white' tagliatelle of oysters with caviar, updated
three: hamachi. chef fortner fried tater. preserved meyer lemon
four: pork belly confit. bacon- bay leaf broth. potato puree. vanilla
five: tarragon. red endive. parmesan crisps.
six: marquise au chocolat. cocao nib. almond praline. saffron creme anglaise

email us at AOPCseattle@gmail.com to RSVP

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